About Me

I take pictures for a living. I’d love to take yours. I’m told that I’m quite good at it. I currently live in Seattle but am often found shooting locally in NYC. I’ve got gypsy blood that keeps me on the go often. I spend a lot of time running my business which I’m lucky enough to usually do from a computer with some internet. I interweave travel/vacations/staycations as much as possible into my schedule. I spend half my time doing my best to raise a good little human. Her name is Aven and she’s the coolest. I’m really good at seeing possibility everywhere. I’m also good at taking risks and dreaming and scheming. I’ve got a strong ability to see relationships and connections between seemingly unrelated things. I spend a lot of time thinking about if it’s too late for coffee or too early for a drink. I hustle. I dream. I adventure. I create. I practice intentional and mindful gratefulness every single day. I have honed the art of how to see well. Welcome to my world.

Photo Credit : Ro Agents-Juska